Collingwood Action Group (CAG) /cag/ en-us 2006-04-29T18:20:28+10:00 'PLANNING BACKLASH' DEMO, PARLIAMENT HOUSE, 1PM WEDNESDAY 3RD MAY 2006 /cag/news/planning_backlash_demo_parliament_house_1pm_wednesday_3rd_may_2006.php Call to arms to Melbourne Resident Groups against State Govt planning policies & Melbourne 2030... News CAG 2006-04-29T18:20:28+10:00 CAG LETTERS TO TIMES & LEADER - COMMUNITY FIGHTS ON /cag/letters/cag_letters_to_times_leader_community_fights_on.php Public rally signals community fights on in face of government cave in to developers... Letters CAG 2006-04-10T19:59:53+10:00 YARRA COUNCIL PUBLIC MEETING WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 6:30PM RE MINISTER'S 'BANCO' DECISION /cag/news/yarra_council_public_meeting_wednesday_19_april_630pm_re_ministers_banco_decision.php Roll up to hear what Planning Minister Hulls' decision to approve 'Banco's' plans means for Smith Street, speakers inc MP Richard Wynne, Yarra Council's lawyers and planning staff... News CAG 2006-04-04T19:42:07+10:00 COLLINGWOOD RALLY SAYS NO TO BANCO /cag/media_releases/collingwood_rally_says_no_to_banco.php Close to 300 people rallied in Smith Street Collingwood on Saturday 4th March to voice their protest against the proposed Banco construction of the seven-storey apartment towers in Smith Street. Media Releases CAG 2006-03-07T17:19:14+10:00 PUBLIC RALLY SAYS NO TO BANCO ON SMITH STREET - CAMPAIGN TO GO ON /cag/news/public_rally_says_no_to_banco_on_smith_street_campaign_to_go_on.php Crowd of some 300 overwhelmingly supports continuation of community campaign, seeks support of Yarra Council and Unions... News CAG 2006-03-04T20:13:58+10:00 INFORMATION RELEASE: LOCALS, RESIDENTS, UNIONS FIGHT ON TO SAY NO TO BANCO ON SMITH STREET - PUBLIC RALLY 1PM SATURDAY 4 MARCH /cag/media_releases/information_release_locals_residents_unions_fight_on_to_say_no_to_banco_on_smith_street_public_rally_1pm_saturday_4_march.php Locals, residents, unions and friends take to the streets in protest against Planning Minister Hulls' greenlight for Banco's Smith Street development.... Media Releases CAG 2006-02-24T07:42:20+10:00 COLLINGWOOD ACTION GROUP: LETTERS TO EDITOR /cag/letters/collingwood_action_group_letters_to_editor.php CAG letters to Melbourne Times, Yarra Leader - Come to CAG rally 4th March 1pm & Say NO to Banco!... Letters CAG 2006-02-22T20:24:57+10:00 YARRA 'DISAPPOINTED' IN MINISTER HULLS' DECISION, SEEKS LEGAL ADVICE FOR CHALLENGE /cag/news/yarra_disappointed_in_minister_hulls_decision_seeks_legal_advice_for_challenge.php Yarra Council seeks legal advice to challenge Hulls' decision, based on his Panel's recommendation to approve Banco's development and reject Yarra's Interim Plan... News CAG 2006-02-21T20:34:19+10:00 INFORMATION RELEASE: MINISTER HULLS - YES TO BANCO ON SMITH STREET! /cag/media_releases/information_release_minister_hulls_yes_to_banco_on_smith_street.php Planning Minister Rob Hulls' go-ahead for Banco's monster development set to 'Chapel-Streetize' Smith Street.... Media Releases CAG 2006-02-19T00:25:59+10:00 PLANNING MINISTER APPROVES SMITH STREET HIGH-RISE TOWERS - REJECTS YARRA'S INTERIM PLAN /cag/news/planning_minister_approves_smith_street_highrise_towers_rejects_yarras_interim_plan.php Hulls ignores community and Yarra Council, takes advice of Priority Panel, approves 3 high-rise towers of 7, 7 & 5 storeys & 161 apartments on Smith Street.... News CAG 2006-02-15T21:25:52+10:00 CAG SEEKS MEETING WITH PLANNING MINISTER BEFORE SMITH STREET DECISION /cag/letters/cag_seeks_meeting_with_planning_minister_before_smith_street_decision.php In a letter to Planning Minister Hulls, CAG asks him to ignore Panel and reject Banco's Smith Street plans... Letters CAG 2005-12-22T22:51:59+10:00 SEE BANCO'S NEW PLANS TO SUPERSIZE SMITH STREET - MINISTERIAL PANEL TO DECIDE! /cag/news/see_bancos_new_plans_to_supersize_smith_street_ministerial_panel_to_decide.php In 2004 1500 said NO to Banco, in 2005 Yarra refused their plans so Banco appealed to VCAT, in August 2005 Planning Minister Hulls called in Banco's plans and referred them and Yarra's new Smith Street interim structure plan to... News CAG 2005-12-22T18:57:09+10:00 INFORMATION RELEASE: 'NO CONFIDENCE' IN RE-OPENED SMITH STREET PLANNING INQUIRY /cag/media_releases/information_release_no_confidence_in_reopened_smith_street_planning_inquiry.php Residents fear the Priority Development Panel's decision to re-open the Smith Street inquiry is a waste of time as it's already made up its mind to support Banco's plans with minimal changes.... Media Releases CAG 2005-12-11T00:02:55+10:00 COLLINGWOOD ACTION GROUP XMAS PARTY - 7PM THURSDAY 15 DECEMBER /cag/news/collingwood_action_group_xmas_party_7pm_thursday_15_december.php What a hell of a year! As the fight for good development in Collingwood and Fitzroy against Banco's Smith St proposal goes into its 3rd year, CAG's taking time to get together and celebrate.... News CAG 2005-12-01T22:14:10+10:00 PANEL REOPENS INQUIRY ON SMITH STREET DEVELOPMENT /cag//panel_reopens_inquiry_on_smith_street_development.php Minister Rob Hulls' Priority Panel responds to protests about their process, calls for new submissions on 'tweaked' Banco plans.... CAG 2005-11-23T21:15:10+10:00