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Inner urban conservation and development - An independent panel report on a proposal for Smith Street, Collingwood, under Melbourne 2030. Edited by Miles Lewis, August 2004. Info + Order your copy

Melbourne 2030 - The State Government's Planning Strategy

15 Jul 2004

Future directions for metropolitan planning.

What is Melbourne 2030?
Melbourne 2030 is the State Government�s Planning Strategy, developed to set future directions for metropolitan planning. Launched in 2002, it aims to manage urban growth by preventing urban sprawl. This involves earmarking certain areas for future development � so-called activity centres � thus ensuring development is more compact. There are concerns that Melbourne 2030 policy is overly broad and open to interpretation. As it rolls out, there is confusion about its relationships to existing planning provisions and therefore the rights of local government to make planning decisions in their council areas.

What is a Major Activity Centre?
Melbourne 2030 designates a number of Major Activity Centres, including Smith Street in Collingwood/Fitzroy. These centres are the preferred location for future higher-density residential and mixed use development. Part of the rationale for their selection is their access to services and transport. Higher density development and housing options are advocated. Councils are required to develop �structure plans� to address centre development. These aim to ensure development proposals for activity centres are considered for specific circumstances, rather than applying a �one size fits all� approach to planning. However many councils are behind in developing their local area plans. Melbourne 2030 states that Major Activity Centres lacking good public transport links will not be allowed to grow at the expense of better-located centres in the same area. Unlike other designated Major Activity Centres, Smith Street is served by a single tram line.

How does M2030 affect the community?
The implementation of Melbourne 2030 has caused a growing community backlash against inappropriate development across Melbourne. Across Melbourne campaigns are underway in areas as diverse as Camberwell, St Kilda, St Albans, and Collingwood. Recently Parliament House was the site of action by resident groups from across Melbourne protesting against Melbourne 2030. Some 150 representatives from up to 50 resident and community groups presented a joint submission to the Minister of Planning Mary Delahunty. In summary it called for a halt to Melbourne 2030�s implementation and a start to community consultation. Increasingly concerned academics are also weighing into the debate about Melbourne 2030. Critics are challenging its underlying assumptions about the demand for high density living in designated activity centres.

CAG's submission to the Minister for Planning.

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