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Inner urban conservation and development - An independent panel report on a proposal for Smith Street, Collingwood, under Melbourne 2030. Edited by Miles Lewis, August 2004. Info + Order your copy


22 Dec 2005

In 2004 1500 said NO to Banco, in 2005 Yarra refused their plans so Banco appealed to VCAT, in August 2005 Planning Minister Hulls called in Banco's plans and referred them and Yarra's new Smith Street interim structure plan to a Priority Development Panel for advice. But the Panel just wants to 'tweak' Banco's new plans which feature:

  • 3 high-rise towers of 5, 7 and 8 storeys on Smith St
  • These 3 towers = 7, 9 and 10 storeys on Little Oxford St
  • 410 car parks on 3 levels – accessed via Little Oxford St
  • Multi-level shopping mall with 24 hour supermarket
  • 157 apartments
  • Demolish half a block and destroy heritage buildings.

Download the images here, see what you think, and maybe post a comment on our website.

Details of Banco's new Planning Application Proposal


Note the following images were scanned and reduced in size for viewing over the web.

scan567.gif - Site Plan
scan569.gif - Basement 1
scan570.gif - Lower Ground
scan571.gif - Ground Plan
scan572.gif - First Floor
scan573.gif - Second Floor
scan574.gif - Third Floor
scan575.gif - Fourth Floor
scan576.gif - Fifth Floor
scan577.gif - Sixth Floor
scan578.gif - Seventh Floor
scan579.gif - Roof Plan
scan580.gif - Smith Street Elevation
scan581.gif - Lt. Oxford St. Elevation
scan582.gif - Sections AA & BB
scan583.gif - Sections CC & DD
scan584.gif - Sections EE & FF
scan585.gif - Smith St. Sectional Axo 1
scan586.gif - Smith St. Sectional Axo 2
scan587.gif - Lt. Oxford St. Sectional Axo 1
scan588.gif - Lt. Oxford St. Sectional Axo 2
scan589.gif - Nth boundary Sectional Axo
scan590.gif - South boundary Sectional Axo
scan591.gif - Smith St. Elevation Close 1
scan592.gif - Smith St. Elevation Close 2
scan593.gif - Nth boundary Elevation
scan594.gif - Lt. Oxford St. Elevation Close 1
scan595.gif - Lt. Oxford St. Elevation Close 2
scan596.gif - Sth boundary Elevation
scan597.gif - Detail Part Sections

Banco's new plans are still an ambit claim, they have made no effort to address community and expert concerns - compare 2004 and 2005 plans.

View/download ComparisonTable.pdf

Posted by CAG


From j pastras on 7 Oct 2006:

this is a fantastic project ,Why is the Goverment making it hard ?
James Pastras


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