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Inner urban conservation and development - An independent panel report on a proposal for Smith Street, Collingwood, under Melbourne 2030. Edited by Miles Lewis, August 2004. Order your copy


People in traditional dress walk comfortably among Aborigines, ferals, homeless people, artists, footy fans and the ebb and flow of the commuter traffic taking sweet tea at Sonsa's or a spanakopita at Mellisa's, having ones shoes repaired or counting out your last few coins as you stare down at the finest selection of meats in Melbourne. It's this diversity, where culture is enriched by retail in service to the community, sustaining each other, that draws many to Smith Street.

22 Nov 2005


A short story from co-founder, Andrew Garton, penned whilst walking home at dusk. It references the familier streets of Fitzroy, from the Lambsgo Bar up to Gore Street, in and out of the quiet lanes behind Smith, with their street art walls and blue-stone pavements.
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9 Jun 2005

At one end

At one end, there’s Macca’s and a shonky 7-11, at the other, the Robbie Burns, the king of all eateries, beloved by both dentists and dole-bludgers, like myself.
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5 May 2005

Poem: Ballad of Smith Street

An independent contribution from Anon. It's a saga of power, politics, development and community action set in inner city Collingwood and Fitzroy, Melbourne.
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    A new project has commenced at the Artful Dogder's Studio in Collingwood, just down from what has come to be known as the Paris-end of Smith Street....
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