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9 Jun 2005

Smith Street invades the blogsphere

Local cultural media developers Toy Satellite are calling all wannabe bloggers to have their say on what they want for a Smith Street weblog.
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16 Aug 2004

Spotlight on future-city blueprint

A new report on the controversial Smith Street development has raised questions about the validity of the Melbourne 2030 planning blueprint and the strength of local planning controls. By Martin Boulton in The Age, 16 August 2004.
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16 Aug 2004

Melbourne 2030 looks dated

The Victorian government's Melbourne 2030 planning policy has come under fire yet again, this time in a new report to be published today, reports Nicole Lindsay in the Australian Financial Review (Property Section), 16 August 2004.
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Also in Category Media Watch

  • Supermarket to test urban sprawl limits
    A new Safeway supermarket in Yarra Glen, 50 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, may test government aims of containing urban sprawl and protecting green-wedge land - key components of the Melbourne 2030 strategy, reports Martin Boulton in The Age, 16 August 2004.
  • Camberwell station misses heritage endorsement
    Heritage Victoria recommends that the 85-year-old station be protected under Boroondara Council's local planning scheme rather than be included on the state's heritage register, reports Martin Boulton in The Age, 16 August 2004.
  • Buildings gain world gong
    The Age, 1 July 2004
  • Trust moves to save 'historic' station
    Martin Boulton, The Age, 25 June 2004
  • Protesters get tunnel vision as a dispute becomes a test case
    One of the most contentious inner-city development disputes of recent years could come down to a debate over a disused tunnel. Report by Ben Schneiders in The Melbourne Times [23 June 2004].
  • Watch this urban space
    Nicole Bittar, The Age, 17 June 2004
  • Planning model alienates councils
    Alison Dean reports that under a new model proposed by the Federal Government's Development Assessment Forum, an independent panel of experts and government bureaucrats would decide on all planning permits, removing councils' planning powers. The Melbourne Times [16 June 2004].
  • Smith Street tower in too-hard basket
    THE campaign against a large development in Smith Street has hit a snag with Yarra Council's planning department failing to make a ruling within the 60-day statutory time limit. Report by Ben Schneiders in The Melbourne Times [16 June 2004].
  • Challengers to Smith St demolition say 'hands off our history'
    The growing campaign against a development that would demolish half a Smith Street block is now being challenged on heritage grounds. Report by Ben Schneiders in The Melbourne Times [9 June 2004].
  • Future city plan will fail: studies
    Royce Millar, James Button, The Age, 3 June 2004
  • World listing for city's treasure
    Martin Boulton, Royce Millar, Darren Gray, The Age, 2 July 2004
  • Becton plan pleases council
    Melbourne City Council will not support the Carlton Residents' Association in its fight against Becton's controversial student accommodation development opposite the University of Melbourne. The Melbourne Times [2 June 2004].
  • Caveat removed, fight goes on
    Collingwood and Abbotsford Resident's Association will use all legitimate means, including legal action, to stop high-rise development on the Abbotsford Convent site and to protect the car park (currently used by the Collingwood Children's Farm) and open space. The Melbourne Times [2 June 2004].
  • Poor cheese-grater sales spark scale-it-down call
    Fitzroy residents have called on the developers of the "cheese-grater" site to come back with a revised and less ambitious plan, reports Ben Schneiders, after the project was put on hold due to poor sales. The Melbourne Times [2 June 2004].
  • High-rise draws a record 1500 objections
    Martin Boulton, The Age, 26 May 2004
  • Call for developers to clean up derelict "cheese-grater" site
    Fitzroy residents have accused developers of the controversial �cheese-grater� development of letting the site become a dangerous disgrace. Report by Ben Schneiders in The Melbourne Times [19 May 2004].
  • Late report hurts protesters
    Campaigners have urged the state's heritage umpire to adjourn this week's hearing on the Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital, saying the site developers' late submission has disadvantaged them. The Melbourne Times [19 May 2004].
  • Yarra development approved
    Fairfield residents have lost a bid to prevent a development near the Yarra River, although they have won some concessions. The Melbourne Times [19 May 2004].
  • Locals object strongly
    Yarra Council has received a record level of objections to a controversial development in Smith Street. The Melbourne Times [19 May 2004].
  • Residents rally again against Becton
    The Carlton Residents Association has vowed to continue to fight Becton's proposal for student accommodation opposite Melbourne University, reports Alison Dean in The Melbourne Times [19 May 2004].
  • Camberwell plan confusion
    James Button, The Age 14 May 2004
  • Battle stations
    The Age, 28 April 2004
  • Gritty street gets green treatment
    Noticed the 'Welcome to a Green Street' signs above decidedly grey Smith Street? CLAY LUCAS reports on a program designed to help the 350 businesses on Smith Street forge a healthier sense of community and reduce their environmental impacts. The Melbourne Times [7 April 2004].
  • Shadowy meetings likely result if student tower goes ahead
    State Government approval of an 11-storey student accommodation tower in Carlton will cast Melbourne University's proposed outdoor meeting place in darkness for half the day, an urban-design expert has warned. Report by Alison Dean in The Melbourne Times [31 March 2004].
  • Wynne warns on Smith Street tower
    STATE Planning Minister Mary Delahunty would intervene to stop eight-level towers being built on Smith Street if the developer did not scale down its proposal, Richmond MLA Dick Wynne has warned. Clay Lucas reports for The Melbourne Times [31 March 2004].
  • MCC rebuffs Becton's new bid
    Melbourne City Council looks set to reject amended plans for the controversial $70 million student accommodation development next to Melbourne University. Report by Alison Dean in The Melbourne Times [24 March 2004].
  • Tower plan 'off in la-la land': opponents
    Lygon Street's low-rise Brunswick end could see a 16-level apartment tower built, reports Clay Lucas, if a developer is successful at the state planning tribunal. The Melbourne Times [24 March 2004].
  • Becton bid wins support
    THE YMCA joins Becton in the battle to develop College Square on Swanston Street in Carlton. The Melbourne Times [24 March 2004].
  • Trust moves to save classic streets
    Royce Millar, The Age, 17 March 2004
  • Panel knocks out bid for height controls, mayor vows to fight on
    An independent planning panel has slammed Yarra Council's attempt to impose ambitious heritage and height controls. Clay Lucas reports for The Melbourne Times [17 March 2004].
  • Smith Street plan slammed
    Richmond MLC Dick Wynne has derided a plan by developer Banco to build three towers and a sprawling supermarket on Smith Street. The Melbourne Times [17 March 2004].
  • We're victims of attrition
    North Fitzroy residents say they are the latest victims of "developers' games" in which new plans are repeatedly submitted in an attempt to tire the opposition. Alison Dean reports for The Melbourne Times [10 March 2004].
  • Residents lobby to save mansion gardens
    Martin Boulton, The Age, 5 February 2004
  • Soul searching
    Misha Ketchell, The Age, 11 November 2003
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